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Always Cook By The Book? Why Not Breakaway!


Recipe BookAs someone who ALWAYS pulled out a recipe book when I cook, I believe I can say with good authority that discovering breakaway cooking was one of the best things I ever did! I was always such a stickler for making sure I had just the right amount of herbs and spices so everything tasted just the way the “book” told me it should.

However, I came across the marvel that is breakaway cooking. How that happened is a story for another day but suffice to say, I owe a very good friend plenty of thanks! Of course, there are plenty of recipe books on the market that will teach you how to embrace this form of cooking, and it’s becoming ever more popular.

I have to say, I decided to try it the hard way but just for you, I intend to give you a few tips on how you can finally leave (well, almost) your recipe book on the shelf and just go for it!


We all know that when you’re creating a dish in the kitchen tasting as you go is one of the most important things to remember. Think about this for a second? How many times have you followed a recipe and found that you need to add just a little more pepper, salt or even chilli so it suits your own palate?

If the answer is “pretty much every-time” you’re already embracing the art of breakaway cooking. But, you can take it one step further. For instance, the next time you’re cooking say a beef casserole try using a different brand of red wine or shallots instead of standard onions. You could even have a play around with the types of vegetables you add.


This is where you can really have some fun! I never used to smell herbs or spices before I added them to a dish. After all, the celebrity chef smiling up at me from my favourite recipe book new best – right? Wrong!

What I have discovered is that you may find you prefer rosemary instead of sage. You could even discover that by adding a dash of Worcester sauce or (dare I say it), some brown sauce to a casserole you’ll suddenly find the aromas rising before you are far more enticing than they ever were.

It’s a Matter of Personal Taste

This is what I love about breakaway cooking. Not only does it enable you to use every-day ingredients instead of having to shop for those “special” items you’re preferred chef uses, it also allows you to push the boundaries with cooking in general.

Sure, like me, you might end up with something that’s not exactly what you imagined but practice makes perfect. Plus, you’ll eventually find the right balance which is personal to you and you alone. Of course, if you often cook for others it’s a good idea to get them involved as well, (especially the kids). For me, embracing breakaway cooking has been, and still is, a journey but I’ve already come up with family recipes to die for – well, for my family anyway!

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