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Fusion Style Cooking Meets Pan Asian Or Does It?


Fusion Vs Pan Asian CookingIf you’re no stranger to the blog section on our website, you will notice that in recent months we have centred on fusion style cooking. This type of cooking has been around for some time now. In fact, it first appeared thousands of years ago! Some of you who are new to fusion cooking may be forgiven for thinking it’s yet another “gimmick” that’s been invented by those infamous television chefs that adorn our screens however, there is an awful lot more to it than that.

If you’re interested in finding out more about this style of cooking, feel free to take a look at our blog on “What is Fusion Cooking”. What we do aim to discuss today is the “new kid on the block” (or maybe not for some of you) and that’s Pan Asian Cooking but what’s the difference?

Fusion Cooking

This type of cooking does originate from China, but the Japanese may contest that particular piece of information. There are no rules with fusion cooking really, but for the beginners among you it’s probably best to start with what we like to call “east meets west”.

This means you can create various tasty and actually very healthy dishes that include all sorts of flavours from both sides of the world, and once you get to grips with the whole thing you’ll be cooking meals your friends and relatives will be back for time and again!

Pan Asian

Lots of people (especially the professionals) will tell you that Pan Asian cooking is a form of fusion, and this might be true to some extent. However, instead of mixing ingredients and flavours from the east and the west, this style of cooking focuses solely on food that originates from Southern India, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines.

If you were to visit a Pan Asian style restaurant, don’t expect a classic three course meal followed by a coffee and perhaps a liqueur (if you’re that way inclined). Instead, you will be met with what can only be described as a “tapas” style type menu.

For those of you who are not aware of eating in this way, it means you will be given a large number of plates (or a small number if you prefer). This allows the diners to mix and match what they would like to eat and is a fantastic way of testing your palate!

In fact, whether you’re interested in Fusion or Pan Asian food and how it all works visiting either type of restaurant is a great way to start. You can pick up some great ideas and as mentioned, it will give you an idea of what flavours, smells, and tastes work best for you.


In answer to the question “fusion style cooking meets Pan Asian or does it”? Well, that’s entirely up to you which is what we love about both styles. Just remember that both types are a form of fusion, it’s just that they combine ingredients from different parts of the world.

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