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Eric's Kitchen

home of breakaway and fusion cooking


One thing is sure, over the past century the world has become a much smaller but far more cosmopolitan place.  The term you will often hear if globalisation.

This globalisation is absolutely fantastic for food lovers and chefs.  It now means that ingredients from all over the world can be found in the shop or deli on the street corner.  No longer do you have to trek across the town to find a specialist shop for that elusive cooking ingredient.

This mass availability of exotic food items has paved the way for Fusion recipes.  Having them available led brave cooks to experiment by mixing ingredients with local dishes and creating a whole new “fused” taste.  While fusion foods have become popular, there are still those who believe that it is quite simply wrong to change traditional food combinations of traditional dishes.

What is clear, fusion is now firmly here to stay.

Like evolution, over the last 15 years, Eric has just taken the next natural step in the experimentation of food and has come up with some great creations.  Make sure to visit the Breakaway Cook website to find out more about Eric’s great journey.

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